Sammy Adams rocks Bresnan Arena

Sammy Adams, this year’s featured spring artist, rocked Bresnan Arena on Monday April 18 at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The concert was organized by MSU’s Student Events Team which cost $15 for students and $25 for the general public. It really was a huge hit among everyone that attended.

Rapper Huey Mack was the opening artist for the concert. He performed several great songs that helped create the fun and exciting atmosphere throughout the Bresnan Arena. As soon as Huey Mack finished his performance, the crowd went absolutely crazy as Sammy Adams ran up onto the stage. Everyone in the audience was overwhelmed with pure joy as the talented artist began to perform some of his songs from his new album The Long Way. Sammy Adams was even excited to hear everyone singing along with him to his new songs.

The audience looked like one big wave as everyone jumped up and down while the music blared. The arena managed to get a little hot as everyone danced to the music. However, Sammy Adams made sure the crowd was cooled down enough by splashing cold water from his water bottle into the audience. Cold water can never feel bad when you’re dancing in a huge crowd of people.

Sammy even played some of his old songs such as “Only One” and “All Night Longer” which were huge hits among the crowd. Singing along with the artist of the songs really is an amazing experience. MSU freshman, Travis Meyer, was one student who had an even greater experience.

“I was chanting for him to perform his fan-favorite song ‘All Night Longer’. He heard me, came up to me, shook my hand, and said ‘I got you man’. Then he performed it right after! It was amazing,” he said.

Overall, the Sammy Adams concert was truly an exciting event that was incredibly fun for students and the public to attend.

“We definitely wanted to go ‘all night longer’,” MSU sophomore Carleigh Pula said.

Photo: (Yohanes Ashenafi/The Reporter)

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