Save hundreds on travel with ‘A Night in the Tropics’

Students unwind before finals with yoga, Zumba, and other activities

On Thursday, April 14, Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) hosted its BIG Event, Second Annual Wellness Night. This year’s theme was “A Night in the Tropics,” which was held in CSU ballroom from 6-8 p.m. ESG’s mission was to teach students about wellness, help them fight stress before finals, and relax doing yoga, Zumba, and trendy glow-in-the-dark yoga (glowga).

Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG), Beta Kappa is the local chapter for The National Health Education Honorary Society at Minnesota State University, Mankato providing health education and health resources to the Mankato community.

All participants were welcomed with Hawaiian hula skirts and flower leis to feel a nice tropical atmosphere. Before activities started, participants were invited to take part in a silent auction. Instead of bidding for items, participants bought $5 tickets and placed them in glass jars located near each of the thirteen theme raffle baskets. Among the thirteen raffle baskets there was the “Relaxation Basket” with scented wax candle, stress ball, face mask; romantic baskets such as “Date Night” and “Netflix and Chill” baskets with sparkling juice, wine glasses, Pub 500 coupon, condoms, movies, and popcorn. For coffee and book lovers there were Coffee Hag Basket and the Book Bag.

“The auction donations came from ESG members and some community organizations,” said Ashley White, the ESG president. “All the money will go towards charity: local Habitat for Humanity, and Eco Food Shelter.”

The first activity of the night featured flowing and dynamic Vinyasa Yoga for beginners by ESG member, Bella Lam. At the beginning participants were asked to set an intention for their Yoga practice, and continued linking together asanas (postures) and breaths. Vinyasa yoga helped participants to cultivate balance, flexibility, and strength.

The second activity, energetic Zumba dance, took place right after Vinyasa Yoga. Parisha Rajbhandari, professional dance instructor and international student from Nepal, was invited to create an exciting dance party atmosphere and make participants dance away their worries.

Zumba combines several dance styles and music including: Salsa, Mambo, Chachacha, Reggaeton, and even Hip-hop. Radiant smiles and enthusiasm of Parisha energized participants and made them dance forty minutes straight.

The last activity, a trending type of yoga in the dark (Glowga) really spiced up the night. Everybody seemed extremely excited to practice Glowga under black lights accompanied by glowstick necklaces and bracelets.

“We hosted A BIG Event last year as well,” said Babie Yang, secretary of ESG. “Last year’s theme was ‘The Big Spring Stress Less Event.’ We are also planning to host our third annual BIG event next spring, 2017.”

The ESG president, Ashley White, ended the event announcing the auction winners, and gave all participants 2016 Nutrition and Fitness Calendars featuring healthy everyday recipes.

Photo: (Courtesy of Zhanna Kurbanova)

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