Five Essential Things Every Senior Should Do this Semester


Here we are, again. Welcome back to Minnesota Mankato! How was your summer? Was it amazing or was it all about working? No matter how it was it, summertime is gone.

For those who will have their last year in college, here are some tips you want to look out for. So, freshmen, you might want to stop reading this because this is not for you. Just kidding! You are always welcome for anything and everything. It would be a great chance to glance at the life of seniors and be prepared in advance. So everyone, check this out!

1. Academic success: This year, don’t slack.

In senior year, it is just so easy to loosen up. Try to remember your senior year of high school. It was so relaxed, right? Some of you may have skipped classes and had a bit of freedom with friends.

But, things are different this time. We all know, you have had enough of all this school work. But, if you are being lazy this time, you might regret it once you finally receive your diploma and start your job searching. So don’t risk your chances here. Go to classes, finish your homework, raise up your GPA. Remember your academic success matters. Try your best to keep your routine. You are so close to be done and you don’t want to mess it up.

2. Career: Start to fill up/reorganizing your resumes and cover letters

Now, the real game is about to start. You will be in this harsh and brutal jungle called “work life.” Once you step into this world, you need to be prepared.

If you don’t have a resume, start making one right now. A resume typically shows all of your previous jobs and volunteer hours, qualifications, school GPA, etc. If you feel stressed out about making a resume or do not quite know what it will entails, then go get some help on campus. There is a perfect place for these matters called Career Development Center (CDC). They are also willing to help you with finding internships, part-time employment, and career counseling.

The CDC is located in 209 Wigley Administration. They offer “QuickStop” counseling and scheduled appointments, so you should definitely utilize those resources. Also, don’t forget to keep in touch with your professors and former or current employers for recommendations.

3. Mind control: spare some time for contemplation.

If you are like other seniors, you might be freaked out by this time. You might feel society pushing you towards the real world as if you’re not even ready, and you may be feeling some anxiety and doubts yourself.

To ease these negative thoughts, make some quality time to rebuild your attitude. Be positive. Think about the moment you just started high school, you were nervous but you made it eventually. This time will be same as well. Everything will be sorted out in the end. Consider about your “own” future, not what you’ve been told. Live your life, not anybody else’s. Just don’t panic and be prepared.

4. Be prepared for the graduation process

Even if you think you’re done with required classes, there is one more thing you must get it done, which is the preparation to graduate! You need to fill out the application for graduation, register for the commencement ceremony, and check what to do on the actual graduation day. There are deadlines for this process, so you should not miss those steps. If you go to mnsu.edu, you can reach “Graduation Services” and get all the information, from general information to detailed process, regarding graduation. Therefore, check those out ahead so that you can earn the diploma! Because you don’t want the fancy ceremony.

5. Last but not least, ENJOY; get involved

You’ve come a long way since you were a little child from kindergarten. You made it! You are officially done with education. You don’t need to be worried about school work anymore. However, it will be bittersweet. One way to beat this bitter-sweetness is that simply having fun and fully spending your time in college. Participate in as many events as as you can, stay involved through on-campus events. This year will be the last chance to enjoy as college students for those who won’t purse higher education in graduate school. This is your very last chance to have fun as a semi-adult. Have yourself some fun whatever it is and have many treat yo’self days.

One more thing, be proud of yourself. You did a great job.

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