Students Go Greek for the “Ultimate College Experience”

Looking to make the most out of your years at Minnesota State University, Mankato? Greek Life is offering just that with its new fall recruitment theme coined “The Ultimate College Experience.”

According to the MNSU Greek website, the vision for the Greek community is to “grow in all areas, including personal, scholastic, and chapter development to better our university for all students regardless of affiliations and to achieve a higher level of unity, loyalty and respect.” The “Ultimate College Experience” theme seeks to reinforce this overarching group theme.

Brett Marshall, the vice president of Marketing and Public Relations, explained the reasoning behind the new marketing portrayal:

“[The theme] focuses on the idea that Greek Life at Minnesota State gives the average student the ultimate college experience. We explain [the ultimate college experience] by using our four pillars of Greek Life, which are Friendship, Scholarship, Service, and Leadership,” Marshall said.

Marshall said the first pillar, Friendship, is met through the broad community Greek Life has to offer, offering members “a chance to meet a community of 500 other Greeks.”

The next pillar, Scholarship, offers another wide appeal to students. Marshall said that the Greek community’s GPA “exceeds all of the men’s and women’s averages at MSU, making [The Greeks] one of the most elite scholarly RSO’s” on campus. Because of this excellence in academics, almost every Greek chapter offers some type of scholarship.

Service is the third pillar Greek life is offering to achieve the “Ultimate College Experience.” Greek Life also prides itself on the community service each chapter does throughout the semester. Marshall even argues that it is the “most involved” RSO in Mankato regarding community service.

“We do tons of community service hours helping the MSU Campus and the greater Mankato community as giving back and helping others is something we all value,” Marshall said.

Lastly, the final pillar is Leadership. Marshall said:

“Greek Life offers lots of chances for its members to grow as leaders through attending free leadership conferences both on and off campus and across the nation where students have a chance to grow and develop their professional persona.”

All of these pillars combined, Marshall said, offer a solid structure to build a college experience upon.

If you want to see what Greek Life is all about, feel free to attend some of the events coming up hosted by the group this week.

Tuesday will bring the “All Greek Cookout” from 5-7 p.m. in the CSU Mall. The All-Fraternity social will be held Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. on the PA lawn. Thursday will bring the beginning of the Formal Rush.

All in all, choosing to join the Greek community is a big decision and may not be for everyone. But if you are looking for a group of people to spend your four years with, you may want to consider joining.

For more information or to get involved with Greek Life, you can contact Brett Marshall at, or visit the website at to sign up for recruitment.

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