Wedding Flowers 101

Most people don’t know much about flowers before they start planning their wedding day. Flower arrangements do wonders for a wedding’s atmosphere, photography, and “wow” factor. If you’re stressed about where to start planning, here are some basic questions about wedding flowers answered.

How soon should I meet with my florist?

Thinking ahead is always your best option. Most florists prefer you to initially contact them at least 6 months in advance. Six months or even longer gives you both enough time to brainstorm ideas and start pulling them together. Your florist will probably send you a typed report of what you’re getting after you have both decided on flowers. You should contact her again 2 months before the wedding to make final decisions and work out details. Also get in touch two days before your wedding to make sure progress is going smoothly and the way you want it.
What should I bring to my consultation?

Most florists offer free consultations, which are a little like “first dates” between a florist and a bride. A bride and usually one other person, like the maid of honor or mother, set a date to meet with their florist and talk about ideas and ceremony details. Make sure you bring pictures of your ideas, color swatches of your bridesmaid dresses, a photo of your own dress, and a list of the wedding party. Sometimes it helps to create a Pinterest board of ideas before the consultation, and pull it up on a smartphone or tablet so everyone can visualize better.

How can I save money on wedding flowers?

Some brides get the flowers they want for $400, while others need up to $8000. It’s easy to forget how expensive fresh blooms can be. Jean Hinton, owner of Flowers by Jeanie in Mankato, offers her advice for staying cost-effective.

“Make sure the flowers you want are in season,” was one tip she offered. Another was incorporating silk flowers in with fresh flower arrangements and bouquets. “A silk calla lily is $3, while a real one is $8,” said Hinton, by way of example. A final piece of advice is that using flowers that grow multiple blooms to a stem, like mums or spray roses, are often less expensive.

What are unique ways to use flowers in my wedding?

Flowers bring an extra dash of joy and color to an already special day, and there are countless ways to use them. Traditionally, you will want boutonnieres for the groom and his groomsmen, and bouquets for the bride and her attendants. Special guests are also usually decorated. Unique additions to this include flower necklaces or anklets for the bride, a flower wall to decorate the reception, a cake decoration, or floral fountain. Pinterest is full of ideas.

One more tip – make sure you trust your florist. Most likely, they know much more about flowers, plants, and trends than you do. Communicate clearly so that you get exactly what you want, but also relax and let the experts do what they do best.

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