Wedding hacks for lovers with a college budget

If you are reading this article and about to tie the knot, congratulations!

As I am sure you have already found out, weddings are much more than the initial excitement of the engagement. Flowers, guest lists, music, photographers, and more can all sound overwhelming and expensive as your big day nears. Being a college student doesn’t lessen these worries, either.

If you are a college student planning out your wedding day (or just a frugal spender), here are five tips to lessen your budget on your big day.

Don’t pay as much for music and photos; outsource to talented friends and family (or college students).

In today’s world, it is amazing what are friends and family are capable of doing. I am sure you probably know of someone who is a skilled photographer, singer, guitar player, etc. within your immediate circle of friends.

With such talent all around, don’t hesitate to ask a friend to help out at your wedding in an area he or she is talented in! many friends would feel honored to partake in a portion of your wedding in such a special way.

Hiring a friend is not only a special way to include a friend in a wedding, but a way to save major money compared to hiring a seasoned professional. Just be sure to pay your friend, regardless!

Utilize public space

Before you book that elegant ballroom built in the 1800s, consider the public spaces available to you. Parks are beautiful place to host a wedding free of charge. In a place like southern Minnesota, the scenery is a nice place to have an intimate wedding.

Go light on the booze

I know, know. This one is hard to let go, but cutting down on the happy hour time of free selections will really save you money of your big day.

Consider selecting only beer or wine for the free selections and limiting those selections for a certain amount; once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Be your own DJ

DJ prices are no joke. To keep the party just as fun, create a stellar playlist on your music device, or outsource to a friend. This way, you can be assured all of your favorite jams will be played, and your wallet will thank you for it.

If music isn’t your strong suit, ask a tech-savvy friend to compile the playlist. I am sure you know of at least one friend in your friend group that would have a little too much fun acting as DJ for the night (I know you just pictured that friend in your mind. Go ahead. Call him/her.)

Don’t forget about the university

As students of Minnesota State University, Mankato, we are surrounded by a plethora of talent; talent that is yearning to be used.

When going about your wedding planning, go ahead and ask an art student if they would like to design you a wedding invitation. Ask a photographer if they would like to shoot your wedding. Ask a talented violinist in the university band if he/she would like to play a solo. You can see where I am getting at with this. Looking for willing, raw talent will ease the pressure on your already tight wedding budget.

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