Student Forum Report 11-16-2016

Last week, the Minnesota State Student Association convened for a brief meeting before they headed down to play kickball against the Centennial Student Union and Activities administration where they lost 23 to 8. Over 20 students, including the senators, showed up to indulge in the fun.

The plus side is, the MSSA senators and students reached a higher score than they had for the last few years, President Facial Rayani said. The loser trophy is still sitting in the lounge until the winner’s trophy will replace it—hopefully next year.

At the very least, both groups are able to relieve their stresses and escape from their offices for the time being and engage in a sport.

Rayani requested a call to action for all students to join them in the next kickball game to decrease the chance of losing.

Before they lost, the MSSA tabled a motion for Student Academic Affairs to look into more information about granting undergraduate students more access to Graduate Students Leadership scholarships presently only considered for graduate students. The reason is that 75 percent of these scholarships often go unused and are not specified for either undergraduate or graduate students, yet the system defaults to exclude graduate students. So since the funds go unused, the MSSA tabled the motion for Student Academic Affairs to research further as to what they can do to expand and include more students.

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