The unexplainable mystery of music

Not one production day goes by at The Reporter where music is not a topic of conversation. Many spirited discussions have occurred in the late hours of the night on these three and a half minute moments in time.

Over the past semester, I have truly begun to notice the influence music has on our lives. With music in our ears almost all hours of the day, it’s easy to say that music is a meaningful part of our daily lives.

But while students are in their own worlds, headphones poised in ears, many different genres are being played. Taste of music is a very curious concept. From country to pop, to rap, R&B, and so on, each genre presents entirely different sounds and beats while using virtually the same range of notes.

Even more curious is the fact that scientists have not found a logical or clear explanation for why people prefer the music they listen to. Many studies have been performed, and yet there is no common theme explaining what gets a person’s foot tapping. Even Charles Darwin had no explanation for our draw to music, calling it one of “the most mysterious with which [humankind] is endowed”.

Even though music may be a mystery to science, it is very clear that music is a pivotal aspect of our lives. It is truly amazing that music that can get a person dancing could also get another yawning.

A while back, I watched a friend passionately explain a rap song to me, and promptly played it after. After the final bit of music faded out, he looked at me like he was waiting to see me have some sort of divine epiphany. I smiled politely and said it was nice and I liked it, but truthfully the song moved me very little. The shoe had been on the other foot many times as I have showed certain Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, etc. songs to friends. P.S. I can see through the façade, people; you’re not fooling me.

Taste in music is very individual, and that can sometimes be hard to accept, especially on long road trips with friends pining to listen to some indie artist you’ve never cared for. But I think the unexplainable aspect of music is what makes it so beautiful.

For whatever reason, a certain song may speak to you, and that is great. Feeling completed related to a tune and its words for a whole three minutes and thirty seconds, and you are taken to another place. This is special, and I love how everyone experiences that in a different capacity.

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