Weggy’s is just what you need on a student budget

Looking for a great breakfast with tons of options? If so, Weggy’s is the place to be. Located on 1600 Warren St. right in U Square, chances are you’ll find something you like at Weggy’s.

If you’re on a tight budget, “Let’s Make a Meal” is a great option. For $5.49, you can get two eggs, hashbrowns, three slices of bacon or sausage, and toast. Weggy’s also features breakfast classics like steak and eggs, and biscuits and gravy if you’re looking for something hearty.

Weggy’s is also known for their colossal pancakes. They come in an array of flavors, including banana walnut, strawberry, blueberry, and even bacon. The restaurants also features a unique flavor of the week.

Omelets are all the rage at Weggy’s. Whether you want to customize your own, or want to stick to the classics, Weggy’s has you covered. The “hangover omelet” will do the trick, which includes bacon, sausage, ham, three eggs, and cheese. Every omelet also includes hashbrowns and toast.

For all the eggs benedict lovers out there, Weggys’s has four different varieties. The “Benedict Arnold” offers a unique twist with sausage patties and gravy, the “Tres Amigos” also has sausage patties, but queso instead of gravy, the “Coaster Cake Benedict” has pancakes instead of the classic English muffins, and then of course, there is the “Classic Eggs Benedict,” with Canadian bacon and creamy hollandaise sauce.

If you’re in the mood for some adult beverages to go along with your breakfast, Weggy’s has Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary’s for only $3. The restaurant also has a few fun options, one being the “Good Morning, Mankato,” which includes Jameson, butterscotch schnapps, orange juice, and a strip of bacon to top it off!

Weggy’s is open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9:35 p.m., and serves breakfast all day.

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