MRCI raises money to provide employment training

Recycling can provoke a few immediate images in your mind; what might those be? A plastic bottle, a bin with the recycling symbol on it, the color green? What about clothes and kitchen pans, toys and books, and those old board games anyone half pop-culturally informed knows how to play?

Thrift stores offer new life to these items, getting to come back another time to be used again by people. Possibilities extend to no end in what you might find from stopping at a thrift store. They’re a great way to find gently used items at a great price and Mankato’s MRCI Thrift Shop delivers just that.

At their core, the MRCI Thrift Shop is a volunteer operated, nonprofit fundraising project of the MRCI Auxiliary. The MRCI thrift store has come a long way from humble beginnings, starting back in 1963 as a mere rummage sale. Officially opening their doors for the first time on June 15, 1964 with only 30 volunteers, the store now has over 150 volunteers and is always looking for extra help.

The goals of the MRCI thrift shop is something that sets them apart form other thrift stores. A primary function of the shop is to raise money in order to help people with disabilities served by MRCI WorkSource. The store also is a way to provide employment training in the real world for MRCI clients. To find even more discounted prices, the store runs a special with 50 percent off selected items on Tuesday and Thursday.

Donations are always welcome into the shop. People can simply stop behind the store to donate their gently used or unwanted items. Anything like clothing, linens of many variations, houseware, electrical items, and toys. There are a few items MRCI does not accept due to safety or other reasons. Some unaccepted items are computers, mattresses, tires or batteries, and baby cribs. A more detailed list can be found on their website. MRCI thrift store also has a section dedicated to items relating to whatever the upcoming holiday season may be.

MRCI is a great store to buy slightly used items at an affordable price, plus the profits go towards a good cause in them helping out their clients.

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