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Students, staff, and faculty are invited to pose questions to the MNSU administration. If you would like to submit a question or answer, please email matthew.eberline@mnsu.edu or nicole.schmidt-3@mnsu.edu.

1. Why can all kinds of food be brought in and served out of the multicultural center (CSU 269) when other student groups are not allowed to do this because of the Sodexo contract? It seems that we are held to a different standard.

2. How can MSSA and Student Allocations Committee have advisors that receive their entire budget dollars from them? This seems like a big conflict of interest!

3. Why does the administration tend to disregard student concerns about real issues, i.e. the total mess of the MSSA Spring election.

4. Why is there a lack of civility on this campus? What plans do you have to change this lack of respect we feel?

One thought on “Ask an administrator

  • Bob Sorglund

    What is the administration doing to resolve the campus naming/branding issue (especially after the system name change)? Is it Minnesota State, MNSU, MSU, Minnesota State Mankato, MSU, M? And why didn’t the Administration stick up to the Board during the system name change? Is MNSU not unique?


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