The importance of sex education

Reproductive health is a key aspect that everyone should be informed about as they grow up. Reproductive health includes topics like puberty, sex, abortion, contraception, and many others.

Puberty and sex are some of the most pressing issues universally. The under-education of the young people about their bodies and the purity of sex is highly degraded because of this. The education of kids plays a huge role in determining their comprehension about puberty and sex as their parents or guardians have a heavy influence on them as they grow. Puberty and sex are vital issues that need to be talked about and understood extensively by children before they engage in any activities that could be catastrophic to both their mental and physical health.

Alex and Kevin Eurke, a married couple that was on the campus of Minnesota State University, Mankato, believes that puberty and sex should be constantly talked about from an early age. Alex states that when younger kids are taught about puberty and sex before they get to their late teenage years, they look at it in a joking manner. Persistent reinforcement at an early age of the education on sex and puberty from not just institutions, but also everyone close to a child is vital in the perspective of the Eurke’s.

Jerusalem Tola, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Medical Lab Science, believes that the sooner children are educated, the better they are at making the right decisions. Informing children on issues such as early or late body changes, abstinence or early pregnancy, and their various effects could aid in preventing unwanted mistakes among young people.

In society today, a majority of children learn about puberty and sex from everyone but their parents. With the advancements in technology, movies, television channels and media of all forms have become the learning pattern for most young people. Children are also often misinformed from the street and the moral framework of reproduction becomes corrupted. Some parents or guardians feel that it is not their responsibility to educate or even talk to their kids about puberty or sex. Questions that can simply be answered by parents or guardians and cleared up with ease become highly neglected. The easiest place for any child to learn any aspect of life is with the people they are closest to and the home does not necessarily fulfill its obligations adequately when it comes to reproductive health.

Owen Igwe, a Master’s Degree holder in Communication Studies, believes that children should be educated about puberty and sex in a classroom environment throughout their elementary and high school education period. He believes that gaining knowledge from someone that has a better grasp on the subject is essential for kids.

Divin Bebela, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, believes that children should be educated on puberty and sex openly and directly from an early age. He believes that parents and teachers should explore all areas related to reproductive health and not just focus on one aspect. He states that it is crucial to engage young people consistently about reproductive health.

Early and constant education on puberty, sex and general reproductive health is important for children worldwide. As kids approach puberty, not only should it be the parents’ or guardians’ responsibility, but those closest to the child should begin talking about puberty and sex, thus setting up the right guidelines for an upright, informed and healthy lifestyle.

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