Congratulations! Two weeks in haitus

Kevin Korbel
Sports Editor

Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for a lease on your next rental apartment or house for the upcoming school year. You’re so ready to be able to use the crappy dishwasher or broken washer and dryer at your next living establishment!

You’re ready to move out of your stupid, rat infested apartment, and upgrade to a bigger and more expensive estate that you’re probably overpaying for! Until that time, you must have to endure the “two weeks of hiatus”, which are the weeks between leaving your current lease and entering your new one.
As you sit down this summer and have to worry less about what class to study for, and more of where the party is at on Saturday night, make sure you focus on your next major step in life, which is moving into your next house or apartment.

This summer, I am getting set to move into a new place to stay for the fourth time since I started college. I’ve seen everything from a small dorm, to a crappy apartment, to an old, deteriorating house with holes in the floor. This last year, I had to sleep at a friend’s place, where my only options are either sleep on the couch with all of my stuff jammed into a closet or sleep outside in a cardboard box. Like anybody would, I chose the couch.

My lease for my current place of stay in Mankato currently ends on July 18th, and the lease on my next apartment will begin on August 1st. If you’re keeping score at home, this gives me two weeks of having to survive without having a place to stay. Where should I go? What if I need to stay in town during that time? What if I don’t have a family to go back to? Where do I put my stuff? The owners of the property in which you’re staying at, and the answer to that is, “I don’t care! Get out!”

If you’re in a situation like me where your lease is ending and beginning weeks apart from one another, my best advice is to know quickly where you plan on staying for those two weeks, otherwise you’ll be in for a rude awakening once your lease ends. Try your best to see if your beloved friend love one will take you in, and offer you a place to sleep, eat, and poop, which in my opinion are the three most important things in life.

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