Deadpool 2 is another block buster hit

The sequel is bigger and bolder, but not better than the Original

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

The merc with a mouth returns in the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 “Deadpool”. This time Deadpool is all about family, but don’t be confused, this is definitely not a family movie.

In 2016 “Deadpool” was a gamble for the production company Fox, who didn’t think enough people would want to watch a satirical R-rated superhero film. Fortunately for them it was exactly what movie goers needed.

“Deadpool” was a massive critical and commercial success becoming the highest grossing R- rated film of all time. Due to this it was inevitable that there would be a sequel that would be bigger, but the real question is if it is better.

The Sequel is directed by David Leitch, who is known for filming the action-packed movie John Wick. Leitch truly knows how to film action sequences. His direction brings a much grittier and darker tone to the franchise.

Deadpool 2” once again features Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), the un-killable assassin known as Dead Pool of course. After a series of terrible events Deadpool is left alone and severely depressed.

To find purpose in life again Deadpool joins the X-Men, where he is reunited with fan favorite Colossus from the first Dead Pool. On his first mission with X-Men, Deadpool discovers an adolescent mutant boy, Fire Fist, who does not yet know how to control his powers.

Deadpool decides to take Fire Fist under his wing, but problems occur when Cable (Josh Brolin), an assassin from the future, attempting to kill Fire Fist. It is up to Deadpool to assemble a team to save Fire Fist and defeat Cable.

Dead Pool 2 is a wildly enjoyable movie. In many ways it pushes the limit even more so than the first one. However, it is its constant need to make fun of itself and to make itself so unpredictable, that it begins to feel like an old and tired gag.

“Deadpool 2” does not live up to it’s predecessor for one main reason and that is the plot. The plot of the film is an obvious retread of the Terminator films, it’s a storyline that has been done countless times before. This also makes the stakes of the film feel lower.

On the other hand, there are many things that “Deadpool 2” does great. Ryan Reynolds once again was born to play this character. This movie also explores the character of Wade Wilson much more than the original. It added several layers to his character making him seem much more human.

The new character domino, one of Deadpool’s allies played by Zazie Beetz steals nearly every scene she is in. Her comedic timing and charisma really made her character very likable.

Josh Brolin, who is having an amazing summer after starring in “Infinity War”, is incredible as Cable. Him and Ryan Reynolds work very well together since Brolin’s character is so serious and Ryan Reynold’s character is quite the opposite of that.

Overall, Deadpool 2 is a hilarious action-packed adventure that proves that the first film was not a one trick pony. The film may not be as original as some hoped and some of the comedy may be repetitive, but it is still worth the price of admission.

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