LeBron James, gate-keeper to next off-season

With the season almost drawing to a close, LeBron and the Cavs will have a lot to talk about this summer

Aaron Young
Staff Writer

In the NBA, some things never change. However, this year, for the first time in major pro sports history, the same two teams will meet in the fourth consecutive finals. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers face off in chapter four of their finals saga.

The greatest team in the NBA’s modern era versus the greatest player on the earth, LeBron James, in what might be LeBron’s best work as a player taking a team to the finals. While LeBron has done this, the Cavs have had their struggles as they find themselves having to overcome tumultuous odds as they face the Warriors tonight trailing 2-0 in the series.

For LeBron, he could have the power to alter the NBA landscape again. After leaving for South Beach eight years ago to capture gold, it is heavily rumored that the best player in the NBA today will decide to test the market this summer.

Personally, I think he will stay in Cleveland. It’s his hometown and what better way to walk off into the sunset than where you began? Also, maybe his mindset for capturing gold has changed after this year, and he might want to stay put where he is, safe and sound.

Who am I kidding, of course he is going to have his eyes on the prize, right? After all, at the age of 33, the man has given everything to Cleveland, including the cities first championship in over 30 years. With that being said, what exactly did the Cavaliers do for him in return?

Maybe it is time for the man to move onto greener pastures. He has been outspoken about where he is looking at: Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers among the favorites.

Jalen Rose said on the Dan Patrick Show that Lebron James should seek out Houston, where he would join Chris Paul and James Harden: “… Knowing his friendship with Chris Paul – they’re godfathers to each other’s kids and what not – I would think that would probably be the place I would go if all things being equal. If I was leaving Cleveland.” Just the thought of him being with his fellow banana boat buddy and the potential MVP makes me shiver.

Or maybe James wants to go to Philly and be a mentor to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Lebron stays in the Eastern Conference, which is the safest bet if you ask me, and continues to dominate the league. Then there is the LA Lakers, where he resides in, and could team with up-and-coming star Lonzo Ball. Maybe another superstar could join them too.

Paul George, member of the OKC Thunder, has been blunt in his wishes to move to LA After an early exit against Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz, George could be flying his way to LA for good. His situation isn’t as shaky as Kawhi Leonard’s though, who didn’t play the whole season after getting injured by Zaza Pachulia in last years playoffs.

First, he doesn’t want to be with them, then he tells his teammates he wants to stay. Who knows what will happen there, although rumors have surfaced of a possible trade with our very own Timberwolves.

The trade would more than likely have to involve Andrew Wiggins, upon others, in order to discuss trading Kawhi. The Timberwolves ended their playoff drought with the talent of Butler, Towns, and Wiggins.

However, rumors have it that the internal state of the organization is shaken up, but the Wolves have made one thing clear, they aren’t trading KAT. Which is a relief because the man is bound for stardom.

After a bizarre firing on Dwayne Casey, who was voted the NBPA Coach of the year, this offseason could prove wilder than last years, which was a roller coaster no doubt. Stay on your toes people, because the NBA could be getting a makeover real soon, as if LBJ has something to say about it.

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