To binge or not to binge: “Disenchantment”

Netflix’s new show is more disappointing than enchanting

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Matt Groening, the creator behind shows such as The Simpsons and Futurama, is regarded as the inventor of animated television shows that are aimed for adults rather than children. When Netflix announced that they would be releasing a new original animated show from the mind of Groening, it is an understatement to say that fans were excited.

Groening’s new show entitled “Disenchantment” is based within the past, unlike The Simpsons and Futurama which take place within the present and the future. As one may suspect from the title, the show takes place within a magical kingdom during the medieval ages.

“Disenchantment” had the daunting task to live up to the enormous hype surrounding it and sadly it does not live up to its expectations. However, Disenchantment is far more than just disappointing, it’s kind of boring which a comedic animated show set within a magical kingdom should be far from.

The central plot follows Bean a rebellious princess that does meet the expectations set by her father, the king of Dreamland. Meanwhile an Elf named Elfo (Yes, that is actually his name) escapes to the real world from his elf world after being threatened to be hung for not being as happy as his fellow elves.

The third main character is Luci a demon that is sent by a warlock and witch to follow Bean and to try to steer her to become evil. The three become close friends and together they go on a self discovery to find themselves within the strange and magical kingdom they live in.

The biggest difference between this show and other animated adult shows is that the story is continued from episode to episode in an overarching plot. This may be why Disenchantment’s pacing feels so slow. This also makes each episode very forgetful since each episode is slowly inching closer to an overall plot that it doesn’t actually reach until the second to last episode.

One positive attribute the show does have are the main characters and their voice actors. Princess Bean is played by Abbi Jacobson (Broad City) whose character is extremely likable and relatable. The character of Elfo, the extremely naïve elf is voiced by Nat Faxon whose character brings most of the energy to the show.

However, after time the character does get a tad bit annoying. Lastly, the stand out of the show is the sarcastic Luci voiced excellently by Eric Andre (The Eric Andre Show.

The other highlight of the show is the beautiful animation. Disenchantment’s animation follows the same style as Futrama and The Simpsons except it is mixed with an aesthetic that is reminiscent to an old story book. The animation and very detailed background makes for some great world building within the show.

Overall, asides from a couple episodes; Disenchantment is boring and not very funny. However, it is nice to look at and the characters are very interesting I just wish the story was equally as interesting.

Disenchatment is not binge worthy, but it is something that might be nice to put on while doing homework or other household chores.


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