Discrimination of sexual activity should stop

Madison Diemert
News Editor

Sex has always been a sensitive topic. So many people have opinions about sex; who should be doing it, whether it’s good or bad, how many times is too many, etc. Don’t get me wrong, opinions are good to have and I think it’s important to form an opinion about sex.

But why are we so concerned about other people’s sex lives and what they do with their bodies? 

First of all, sex is a completely natural thing- practically all humans do it. Even your parents and grandparents have had sex before. I know many people who think sex is a bad thing, and that can be based on many aspects of their lives, like religion for one.

But the important thing is to let other people live their damn lives.

You should not have an opinion on another person’s sex life. You have no right to talk about someone else’s sex life.

You have no reason to shame them for even having a sex life. Again, it’s perfectly normal. And everyone should have the liberty of having sex with whoever they want, however they want (as long as it’s consensual). 

The next thing I noticed, is that people feel the need to comment on how many people others have sex with. Something like that is completely arbitrary and it should only matter to the person who is having sex with those people.

That’s their sex life, not yours. Women especially have faced discrimination based on who and how many people they have sex with. Women will even slander other women for having sex- it’s not just guys. And in some ways that’s worse. 

We shouldn’t be wasting time and do something that’s actually productive, rather than worry why this girl is having sex with 10 people, or why this guys is having sex with none. Slutshaming is so over. It’s 2018, and it’s time we understand that other people make their own choices. 

I get that many people are religious or have other aspects of their lives that in turn contribute to their opinions, but if you really think that it’s so bad that Stacy from Ethics class sometimes talks to her friend about having sex with her boyfriend… you need to find something else to channel that anger into. 

Just take a deep breath and understand that not everyone leads a life just like yours. Not everyone follows their religion as closely as others or follows their parent’s advice as well as some.

We are all just trying to live our lives and get through college as quick as possible. And without having to be harshly judged just because we’re sexually active. 

There will always be a stigmatism around sex, though. Someone’s always going to have an opinion on why you shouldn’t have sex with someone before marriage, or someone who’s the same gender.

And I don’t think anyone is going to read this opinion article and suddenly change their mind on judging people for their sex lives. But hey, at least I get to share my opinions and tell people not to be so crappy toward others. 

We’re all already getting judge for so many other things. We’re all going through stuff and being put through the ringer in college.

So really, why not just keep your mouth shut about Stacy and her boyfriend and just drink some coffee. I can tell you, you and Stacy will be a lot happier if you do.

Feature photo by David Bassey/MSU Reporter.

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