MSU stays safe with campus security

Marjan Hussein
Staff Writer

Safety is a vital aspect when establishing and running any learning institution. Safety especially in learning institutions has proven a prevalent issue over the last few years. Minnesota State Mankato University Security is a full-time security department that works 24/7 to ensure the safety of all personnel on the campus of the university. 

Sandi Schnorenberg, Director of University Security states that the department is well tailored to fit security needs of the university with 17 full-time staff, a dispatch center, regular patrols, escort services around campus amongst numerous other services provided by the department. 

Schnorenberg also states that University Security has a healthy and strong working relationship with Mankato Public Safety Department to certify that safety is always a top priority at MSU Mankato. 

University Security is made up of unique pieces that add up to make the department a well-built safeguarding body. Schnorenberg says that her main aim is to build a correlation between University Security and students.

“Establishing that familiar face is vital as when students are in trouble they are more inclined to reach out to University Security,” Schnorenberg said. 

Schnorenberg is highly motivated in getting her staff to go to events and generally establishing a sort of interaction with students. “Although we do have staff, patrol officers and student workers ensuring the job is done, creating a partnership with students would make things run more efficiently thus generating an ever-safe environment,” Schnorenberg said.

Schnorenberg states that majority of crimes are those of opportunity, thus being, students should always be vigilant of suspicious behavior. 

Students can access a ton of information about security by visiting the University Security website; to stay informed and learn how to handle situations in times of crisis.

“An excellent feature students along with their parents, guardians or relatives who may be concerned at times can sign up for to be notified of any emergency on campus is Star Alert,” Schnorenberg said. The link can easily be accessed from the website and it is sure to always keep students in the know. 

“University Security faces several challenges during each semester but one that stands out is underage consumption and alcohol violations” Schnorenberg says, “students should be cognizant of the activities they engage in and take responsibility for their actions when caught indulging in transgressional behavior.”

Schnorenberg states that an Amnesty Law applies in the case of underage consumption if one calls for help. None of the parties involved can be taken into custody. Schnorenberg also says that the main issue with the start of the academic year is educating students about the different rules and regulations of the University.

“Students are always provided with guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable behavior therefore taking a couple of minutes to go through it would enlighten one on a number of issues they may be unsure of,” Schnorenberg said.

Feature photo by Mansoor Ahmad/MSU Reporter.

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