Fetty flakes out, but show must go on

Students came for Fetty Wap but stayed for Melly Mike

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

When it comes to orchestrating an event the coordinators of said event must plan for every possible outcome imaginable, but what happens when the unthinkable occurs. This is exactly what took place during Minnesota State University, Mankato’s 2018 Homecoming Concert, when headliner Fetty Wap failed to appear at his own concert. The Student Events Team has recently announced that they currently giving out refunds for the concert.

This was contributed to a delayed flight. However, at 4 p.m. Oct. 28, the day of the concert, Fetty posted an Instagram story at a gift shop in New Jersey. This raises the question if Fetty was ever planning on coming.

This is not the first time Fetty has failed to attend his own concert. According to Vlad TV, in the spring of 2016 Fetty failed to show up to a concert at Brockport College in New York without informing them in advance—sound familiar? 

According to hip hop magazine, “The Source”, on Sept. 18, just 10 days prior to the concert, Fetty signed on to a new label, “Tr3yway Entertainment”, the same label representing platinum selling rapper 6ix9ine.

This may have a correlation with his absence at the concert. Believing Fetty was just running late the MSU Student Events Team was given the difficult task to control and please an audience that were highly anticipating Fetty’s arrival. 

Although the absence of Fetty was not the desired outcome for the concert, the crisis did offer a chance for beginning artists to perform for a longer period of time in front of a larger crowd than usual.

In an Instagram post, Caroline Roman, one of the openers for Silento posted, “Last night was insane. One of the biggest shows I’ve performed at to this day. From the bottom of my heart thank you Minnesota.”

Another one of these artists included MSU junior Melly Mike (Michael Hunt) who was the opening act. During his 30-minute slate Melly’s robust energy and amazing charisma had the audience momentarily forget they were there for Fetty to begin with. “I was trying to knock everyone out of the water”, said Melly.

The artists set was full of original songs, such as his personal favorite “What I Want”. Melly and his crew also performed countless dance moves, including the trending dance move the shoot and even a couple of back flips for safe measure. It is evident that Melly clearly has a strong stage presence and will do anything to make sure his audience is having a good time. 

“Obviously they were excited to see Fetty and I was the opener, but they still reciprocated amazing energy. My songs are kind of wild, I was on stage going crazy and I would hop on and off the stage and see like three mosh pits. I felt like I was at Sound Set,” said Melly.

Although a large audience awaiting a late headliner may have made many other artists nervous, it certainly did not make Melly feel this way. “I don’t get nervous. things like that feel super natural to me, it comes to me with ease”, Melly said.

Melly has performed at other events surrounding the Mankato area. His first being as a freshman at MSU during the 2015 Battle of the Bands. Melly followed this with performing at the Mankato bar Red Rocks and Mineapolis’ Kitty Kat Club.

Those interested can follow Melly Mike on Instagram at melly__mike and can also look forward to his mixtape dropping soon which features many of his songs from the concert. Those who attended the concert and would like a refund can now get them in the student events office.

Feature photo by Mansoor Ahmad | MSU Reporter.

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  • Jitesh Patel

    I was at a Fetty Wap concert last October 2017 in Eugene Oregon I was happy to see fetty show up , but the Concert had a lot of technical issues with the mic ? fetty had to leave stage didn’t all In all it was still worth $45 seeing a famous hip hop artist live


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