Retro arcade machines added to the CSU Bullpen

Games include Pac-Man, Rampage, and more

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

New additions of arcade gaming systems were added in the CSU Bullpen this past month with games like Pac-Man and Rampage. 

Located near the ping pong table, students can access these old-time arcade games any time and most importantly, for free!

The joystick and sound effects of the game bring a sense of nostalgia to the player as the Pac-Man eats the dots whilst escaping the colorful ghosts. 

It’s nice to see old arcade games, adding another attribute to the CSU Bullpen, as the games differentiate themselves from newer renditions of gaming such as the Nintendo Switch also located in the Bullpen. 

When it comes to the game Rampage, it’s harder to learn the controls, but once you get used to the joystick and buttons, the game becomes addicting as you get an option to choose between a monster such as King Kong. The goal of the game is to destroy as much things as possible while avoiding military forces such as bombs and bullets. 

This game system is unique as you can play other games such as Gauntlet, Joust, and Defender. The games also have a multiplayer option, so you can tag team with a buddy and have a blast as you destroy cities, joust, or escape a dungeon. 

The addition of the new arcade games not only brings a sense of nostalgia to the CSU Bullpen, but also shows character since it is a blast to the past as the university is 150 years old. 

In a way, the arcade games celebrate the age of the school and reminds students the history and culture of good old times. 

Feature photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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