LGBT Center hosting “Tea Talks” on sexual health

Oluwatomike Bali
Staff Writer

The LGBT Center will be starting a series of “Tea Talks” for raising awareness on health and wellness throughout the semester.

David Gardener, the acting director of Gender and Sexuality Program, said, “All four series of tea talks is centered on the LGBT health and wellness, with topics related to the LGBT community.There are also marginalized topics that can be applied to all communities and not just the LGBT communities, so everyone is welcome.”

Gardener mentioned that the first topic at the tea talk is called “Get ‘PrEP’-ped, STI treatment and PrEP for all communities.” Planned Parenthood will be coming in to give a presentation about general STIs, signs and symptoms, treatment options. They will also be talking about PrEP, which is a pill a day way of preventing HIV infection, and birth control before HIV to help protect the body in case one comes in contact with the virus, it will shield the body.

There are two series coming up in February, and another two series in March. 

This tea talk series is open to all as the topics are beneficial to everyone. 

Gardener mentioned that “topics ranging from STIs, eating disorder, and how to have safe sex if one’s partner has tested positive for STIs will be discussed. Nursing majors, public health majors or counseling majors can benefit from this discussion as the whole purpose is to have positive conversations.”

For more information or questions about this series, students can check their Facebook page at:

Feature photo by John Shreshta | MSU Reporter.

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