Panicking does no good during stressful times

Slowing down and remebering what’s important helps to stay sane

Madison Diemert
News Editor

March and April are the busiest months of the year for college students, especially juniors and seniors. 

Now is the time we’re all rushing to declare our majors and minors, register for classes, search frantically for internships or jobs and generally just freak out. 

These stressors are things all college students experience, no matter who they are or what line of work they are going into.

My advice for students who are currently going through this is to be anxious about these things, but don’t let them completely take over your life.

Having a moderate level of anxiety is good because it will motivate you to search for internships and complete those midterms, but too much of it can negatively impact you in more ways than one. 

Again, everyone is struggling in similar ways at the end of the year. You are not alone. Plus, chances are you’ll be fine in the end. 

Even if you don’t get your dream job or aren’t able to graduate right when you need to, life will go on. You could still get an even better position and you will still graduate, even if it’s not within a certain time period. 

As college students, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves but we don’t seem to remember that we still have our whole lives ahead of us. We have an entire lifetime to freak out about the future and panic, so try not to go overboard during these last two months of the semester. It’s not worth it to spend all this time worrying over things that could still go as planned.

We should be taking this time to really focus on our studies and increasing our grades.

Now is the time to raise that grade point average and finish off the semester just as strong as we started it. 

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