Student gives free hugs in response to Monday’s Christian speakers

Maria Ly
News Editor

This past Tuesday, as a counter approach to Monday’s Christian speakers’ messages, Cami, a student at MNSU, decided to spread love with free hugs at the CSU Mall. 

On Monday, as the Christian speakers were spreading homophobic remarks, Cami who experienced a PTSD flashback from being faced with transphobia and homophobia throughout her life, spit on one of the speaker’s shoes when passing by. 

She immediately felt guilty and compensated the speaker $5 in order for him to drop the charges against her. 

Cami said, “I gave him what he wanted yesterday, and it was extremely wrong of me and I’ve never done that before. And I won’t again, because I need to spread love and peace and that’s not the way to do things.” 

As a counter approach, Cami wanted to spread love as she held a sign offering free hugs. 

When asked what inspired her free hugs she said, “Love in general inspired me, I just wanted to spread love today, after all the hate.”

She continued, “People need to see the good side of things, I’m someone who used to deal with a lot of anxiety and used to look at all the hatred in the world, and was consistently depressed and anxious about it, so I just want to show people that what happened yesterday was not the norm, love is the norm, peace is the norm, acceptance is the norm, and that’s what we need to spread.”

Many students approached Cami with open arms. Cami encouraged students that no conversion is necessary for a free hug. 

She said, “My love is eternal and it’s free, no conversion is necessary, this isn’t a religious thing, this is a love thing, and that’s the difference. My love is free, no conversion is necessary for my love.”

After the hate speech given to students on Monday, Cami wants people to know for next time to not give them the time of day, do not circle them, do not give them attention, and do not give them what they want. 

Amidst all the hate, it’s important to remember good in the world and to continue spreading good vibes and loving energy. 

Cami wishes for students to continue spreading love. “Everyone is beautiful no matter who they are, sex, race, gender orientation, gender expression, anything, you’re a beautiful person,” said Cami.

Header photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

One thought on “Student gives free hugs in response to Monday’s Christian speakers

  • Marie

    Why isn’t there both sides of the story?

    God doesn’t discriminate, God is Love. But, to claim the Christian speaker was teaching hate, without hearing his side of the story is unfair.

    The person offering Free Hugs, admitted spitting on a Christians Shoes. How did the Christians show hate? Did any of them spit?

    Just because a Christian doesn’t support different lifestyles, that doesn’t mean we hate anyone.

    I love God’s plans for our lives, I trust in His teachings. But, you don’t have to agree or support my choices in life, but I can still love you as a neighbor.

    Christians: we believe in loving our neighbors and no spitting.


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