U.S. Bank panel breaks down recruitment process in businesses

Emily Erck
Staff Writer

The U.S. Bank, the fifth biggest bank in the country, held a panel Tuesday discussing and breaking down the recruitment process in U.S. Banks all over the country and other American businesses. 

Not only is U.S. Bank named one of the best places to work for diverse employees, but is also one of the 2019 world’s most ethical companies. They brought a group of recently recruited employees to share their experiences with the group. 

The panel discussed the importance of connections and communications to make and continuing making throughout college and when joining the workforce.

They also explained the importance of networking and getting to know lots of different companies to find the best fit for oneself as an employee; however, when finding the correct company and preparing oneself for an interview, there are a few things everyone should know and practice.

First, be aware and understanding of your resume. Be prepared to answer and explain anything you may have included, as your recruiters may not be aware of what everything you are involved in is. Dress professionally for the job and demonstrate confidence. Do not be afraid to look up common interview questions, and prepare yourself for even the most basic of inquiries. While being confident, be careful to not come off as boastful. 

Second, show what you can contribute to the company that other applicants may not be able to. Coming off as goal-oriented is also very crucial, so that your employers know your eagerness to learn is there, even if you may not have all the experience the job requires.

Be comfortable admitting to not knowing something; however, draw out your strengths and skills from what they are looking for in the job and be sure to share and explain those with them, while also reiterating your willingness to learn. When you do become hired and are training, stay vocal. Don’t stay silent and ask if you do not understand something or know how to do it.

In most job settings, it can be very hard to prove your knowledge and value to your new co-workers due to age or other obstacles. It is important to be confident and aware of your special attributes and prove how much of a valuable asset you are to the team. There are usually many different branches in companies and jobs, so be sure to find an environment that supports, embraces, and encourages you to do, and be your best. 

Although it is important to have relationships with your co-workers, be aware of your surroundings and become adaptable in lots of different settings. Learn to blend your professional self with your personal self, and match the environment of the people around you, while also recognizing and respecting that everyone comes from different walks of life, experiences, and backgrounds. 

Inside and outside of work, learn to surround yourself with people who push you towards professional and personal development. As well as people, find companies that encourage you to pursue your passions and offer you the benefits and growth you need.

Header photo by Andrew Bravo | MSU Reporter.

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