BABYMETAL brings kawaii metal to St. Paul

Andrew Bravo
Staff Photographer

Heavy metal group BABYMETAL delivered a dynamic performance at Myth Live in St. Paul Saturday night. 

Accompanied by special guest Avatar, a metal group hailing from Sweden, the fusion kawaii metal band delivered an amazing show to a packed venue as they performed during the Metal Galaxy World Tour which started earlier this month.

‘Kawaii metal’, an emerging musical genre which began in Japan in the early 2010s, seeks to combine the elements of heavy metal music with J-pop and the Japanese Idol aesthetic – music using young entertainers marketed for image in Japanese pop culture.

Such idols, such as the bands Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) and Moametal (Moa Kikuchi), are also trained in roles like acting and modeling. Originating in 2010, the band has built up a large following over the years through their impeccable choreography and rich lore that can be explored through their unique discography. 

Accompanied by Avatar as their opener, heavy metal fans embraced all the key components of heavy metal; hair flipping, powerful guitars and drumming and slasher film stylization of performers dressed as clowns and of a demented circus.

Setting the stage for BABYMETAL, the group riled up crowds with songs like “Bloody Angel” and “Hail the Apocalypse” from some of their 2014 album of the same name. Following their opening, it was time for BABYMETAL to take the main stage. 

The tour continues the bands story from their Metal Galaxy in 2010. Summoned to the dark path by FOX GOD, a deity that according to their lore chose the three girls to be the saviors of heavy metal, they must perform for their loyal fans (also known as “The One”) in order to protect the sanctity of the genre. 

The visual component of the bands performance was one of the most impressive feats of the concert. From showing explosions and fire on songs like “Give Me Chocolate!!” to the Big Bang and creation of the universe on songs following songs like “Starlight”, the show was a surreal aesthetic experience in the music and accompanying environment it created for The One.

Set to their greatest hits from the 2016 album “METAL RESISTANCE”, many of their classic hit songs like “KARATE”, “PA PA YA!!” and “Distortion” brought mega fans and casual listeners alike together for an incredible night. 

The Tokyo based group has only been growing fast since their formation in 2010.

As their distinct music style grows, BABYMETAL will continue to sweep the nation, and surely the world as they embark for sold out shows in Europe early next year.

The audience’s energy made one thing clear- BABYMETAL is a sign of the future of heavy metal.

Photos by Andrew Bravo | MSU Reporter.

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