Mavericks showcase their pride for Homecoming

Maria Ly
Staff Writer

Mavericks of all shapes, sizes, and lengths with a slew of purple and gold Minnesota State University, Mankato gear showcased their pride in the Student Events Team’s spirit booth as part of the Homecoming competitions.

Mavericks had a range of MNSU gear with signs reading “Squad” or “Mavs”, glasses big enough to fit Stomper’s head, feather boas around their necks, bright gold banana costumes with their face painted in the classic gold and purple stripes sporting a MNSU t-shirt they probably got for free somewhere.

Many student groups came to pose for pictures such as Student Government and the Homecoming royalty. Some posed with their butts sticking out to get the best of angles, with some mouths wide open, tongues out and peace signs ready.

Many Homecoming royalties also talked with students and to join their team and vote. Students were also treated with donuts and lollipops as a part of their photo booth experience.

Emily Erckstand, the Homecoming Competitions Chair for the Student Event’s Team, said, “The pride booth today is just an opportunity for a bunch of groups of people to get some props, have fun, take fun pictures, and celebrate their Maverick pride.”

The Maverick pride booth is also part of the Homecoming competition, and showcasing your spirit at the booth will allow the competition teams to gain a few points. The more events that the competition group attends and wins will than determine their points.

The competition will be split by each division which consist of the gold, purple, and Maverick division with the Maverick division being the largest with groups consisting of 46 to 120 students.

Erckstand said, “At the end of the week we’ll tally everyone’s score together and whoever is in first place in each division will win a traveling trophy and then some money to help out with their RSO or student group.”

First place winners will win a cash prize of $250, with second place winning $175 and third place receiving $100.

Two All-Spirit Awards will also be awarded. One will be awarded to the team with the highest overall point total and one to the team who showcases the most spirit throughout the week. This will be voted by the homecoming committee. Each winner will also receive a traveling trophy, as well as an additional $100.

Besides the Maverick pride booth, teams can also gain points through participating in other homecoming competition events such as the food eating competition and lip sync battle.

Erckstand said, “Homecoming is a really great week to celebrate Maverick pride, celebrate why we are Mavericks.

She continued, “We are the land of 120,000 Mavericks.”

Header photo by Maria Ly | MSU Reporter.

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