Students and faculty geared up for Involvement Fair

Olayinka Gbolahan
Staff Writer

 The Minnesota State University, Mankato’s College of Science Engineering and Technology is hosting an involvement fair to give students an opportunity to learn more about the majors and minors within the CSET. 

  The event would give students an opportunity to interact with faculty members and staff members within the college to gain the most information in order to develop an interest to pursue a career in CSET related fields. 

CSET advisors would be determined to answer any question in order to lead student in the right direction. 

  This could pose to be of upmost importance because student may find it hard to differentiate between majors with similar name, coursework or degrees. 

Like, I was pursuing a major in Computer Engineering before realizing two years in that my interest lied in Computer Information Technology. 

Another obvious confusing information when choosing a major is what it means to get a BA rather than a BS in a major and what distinctions it might have regarding one preferable career interest. 

 In an interview with Ken Adams, the CSET Student Relations Coordinator who expressed the primary target of the event are freshman and undecided student although it is opened for all. 

He stated that the “CSET specific and STEM centered event would allow student to know all that the campus has to offer to make their experience in the major eventful.”  

  Another key feature of the fair is the Recognized Student Organization based another CSET projects would have an opportunity to showcase their works like the Automation Engineering Technology RSO would display and perform a practical presentation of their racing car.  

  This RSOs would be provided a platform to raise awareness about what makes them stand out maybe by sharing their history, mission, vision and projects. 

They would have a high flow of eager minds interested to get involved. other to recruit students. In addition to having an extra-curricular feature to put on a resume, RSOs are known to provide a great complimentary to academic work, they provide support and assistance to their members. 

   Another advantage of joining an RSO for student is that it accommodates a latitude for them to be intellectually engaged beyond classes in their fundamental interests while making friends with people with similar interest line and networking with invited professionals or sponsors. 

  This is an event worth placing on your calendar and attending.

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