Remember to stay safe during Halloween

Michael McShane
News Editor

Halloween is supposed to be one of the enjoyable times of the year, but that shouldn’t mean you don’t take precautions and make sure nothing going bump in the night causes you any unwanted scares.

For one, Halloween parties and activates are usually always happening at night. Low visibility on its own could cause some difficulties for some people. No matter where you are, you should always have some form of light to use to make sure you don’t trip and fall and potentially hurt yourself.

A flashlight comes in real handy in this situation and helps to keep the surroundings in clear view.

Another topic to consider is that the best way to stay safe is to stay together with people you trust. Try to have at least one or two friends to be with during the night. There are people out there who want more than your hard-earned candy, but something much more important and costly.

The potential to possibly getting robbed becomes less and less the more friends and people you have with you to enjoy the night.

If you’re celebrating the holiday of haunts with alcohol, make sure you know your limit and that you have someone able to take you home. It is never recommended walking home drunk after a party, Halloween night or otherwise.

That said, Halloween isn’t just for people who have friends. Loners like me should be able to enjoy holiday of frights without fearing the potential of real-life threats. For those wishing to go it alone this Halloween, make sure you at least have your phone on you at all times and with a full battery – you don’t want to be walking in the middle of the night at 2 a.m. alone with no mode of communication.

You should treat Halloween like any other night in terms of making sure you’re safe. Never go to sketchy areas and never approach anyone you don’t know. If you want to protect yourself for those bad case senecios, take pepper spray. 

One of the reason’s the aforementioned importance of making sure your phone is charged and ready to use is to be able to call the police in case a crime has occurred.

The night is dark and full of terrors, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fun with friends or by yourself.

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