Department of Theater brings chilling story of “Nocturne” to Andreas Theater

Jenna Peterson
Staff Writer

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Department of Theater and Dance is putting on a heart-stopping production of “Nocturne” by Adam Rapp in the Andreas Theater at the Earley Center for Performing Arts. 

The play starts with an audience, played by Allyson Bryson, Grace Ewals, Victor Garcia, Emma Inga, McKenna Prill, and Patrick Thofson, walking into a conference room of some sorts, and listening to the protagonist, the son played by Michael Poleleyev, tell his tragic and horrific story. Here, he reveals a dark secret that led to the son’s move to New York City and the falling apart of the family, played by Charles Ranum, Hannah Sayler, and Brynn Berg. 

It’s clear to the audience that the son is nervous to tell the story, by reason of him stating that this story is fiction, although it is not, with his constant trailing off the story line, taking about objects so in depth it seemed as if he wanted to avoid the story all together, and the wringing of his hands and other nervous motions. The director, Trevor Belt, uses thematic aspects to make the story come to life; the lighting would change when the son was reliving the story he was telling, with blues and reds that fully captured the emotions. The son uses a projector while giving his presentation to the audience that helps not only them understand the story even more and feel compassionate, but it’s or the viewers as well. Although many of the characters spoke very little, or even not at all, they helped enhance the story by showing their reactions, thoughts, and attitudes to what they were hearing and the events that were taking place around them, which is extended to the EMTs, played by William Hallock and Via Logan. 

One quote from the play that speaks true to the story as a whole is spoken by the son, and says, “Grief does not expire like a candle or the beacon on the lighthouse. It simply changes temperature. It becomes a kind of personal weather system…” 

Director Belt goes off of this in his director’s note and says, “Everything has a cost, and everything eventually ends.” These two quotes leave future viewers a hint of what the play will entail, but still leaves enough to the imagination.

The show will be running in the Andreas Theater from Nov. 14-16 with curtain at 7:30 p.m.

Header photo courtesy of the MNSU Department of Theater.

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