Entrepreneurship club gets new look, looking for members

Alyssa Bunde
Staff Writer

Students looking to get involved in a club or group now have another option. Enactus, formerly known as the entrepreneurship club, has a brand-new look, mission, and are always open to more members. 

So, what has changed? Why are they now Enactus? What happened to the entrepreneurship club? According to the club’s page, Enactus stands for entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. Club member Hannah Perez explains the club chose to switch because “the global recognition this organization [Enactus] has and it also aligned with the objective that we [the club members] wanted to get out of entrepreneurship club, which was to build a business and learn leadership skills.” 

Enactus is not just a club on this campus though. It’s nationwide and can be found across 1,730 campuses in 36 countries. Enactus’ website explains that each club evaluates the needs in their community, identify potential solutions, and then implements community impact projects. 

The club is a non-profit of students, academic leaders, and business leaders that are committed to using the power of entrepreneurship action to transform lives and the world. They use the United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainability. On Enactus’ website, these missions range from reducing hunger to quality education to gender equality to clean and affordable energy. 

Vice president Jason Peter explained his participation in the club, “I joined the club because I wanted to be a part of an organization that empowers student entrepreneurs to use innovation and business principles to improve the world.” Peter continued stating that the club is “a great opportunity for students of all majors who have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to improve their community.” 

During a typical meeting, members split into groups to discuss how their 17 objectives can be met. Perez described the process stating, “We often do brain dumps of ideas on how we could create a business or what we could do to have an impact. At the end of our meetings we meet as a whole to talk about the progress we made or what we came up with for a new idea.” 

Perez continued explaining that once ideas are brought to the group, they then do a group vote on which one seems the most achievable. From there, the club reaches out to business leaders in the community for assistance on getting the project started. 

If you or someone you know is interested in the club, they meet every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Hubbard Building. Those unfamiliar with the building, it is downtown and close to the Coffee Hag and Dork Den. In addition to those without transportation that still wish to attend, bus route 7 can bring you.

Header photo courtesy of Enactus’s Facebook page.

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