MSU celebrates opening of sports dome

Ribbon cutting observed by students and sports enthusiasts

Thomas Bowman
Staff Writer

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Mavericks All-Sports Dome took place on a chilly Thursday morning, Jan. 16.

The sun was high and the air was crisp as cars began to fill the lot to attend the ceremony. Passersby can see the $5.9 million, 109,850-square-foot, air-inflated multipurpose facility at 1910 Monks Ave.

The dome provides a space for classes, university clubs, intercollegiate athletics, and the Maverick Machine. 

It is also made available to rent by various other organizations. Last spring a student vote was taken where a majority of the students voted to raise student fees for the next decade in order to construct the new dome. 

However, the increase of student fees does not include other maintenance and repair costs of the dome.

“We’re pleased to hold Thursday’s ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Maverick All-Sports Dome with our students, the University community, representatives from the SCHEELS All-Sports Foundation and the local community,” said Richard Davenport, president of Minnesota State University, Mankato.

When talking to a local MSU student, Marty Henderson, he said, “Honestly, it looks kinda stupid, it looks weird.”

The sports enthusiasts, however, have all shown appreciation for the new dome.

Madelyn Backes, a student and sports lover, said, “I think the new sports bubble will help the MSU athletic program stand out. It’s a luxury that not many universities have, and I trust that the athletes here will use that to their advantage.”

Whether one’s upset or excited about the new Maverick All-Sports Dome, it’s there, and there’s a lot to talk about.

Header photo from Reporter archives.

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