Student Government update (1/22)

Max Mayleben
Media Editor

The MNSU Student Government met Wednesday afternoon. Among the topics discussed were attendance policy changes, vacancy elections, dean of the day, and a special honor to Dean Flannery and the College of Business.

A motion was discussed that would increase the Senator attendance policy from 49% of all meetings to two-thirds of all meetings in attempt to keep Student Government attendance high and hold the senators to a higher standard.

There were two vacancies for College of Business senators that were filled. One of them was by former Residential Life senator Jayden Dickie, and the other by David Watts, an accounting student. Dickie expressed interest in expanding the College of Business’s involvement with the MavLife App, as well as assisting with the new Spangler Internship Initiative. Watts expressed ideas like more career fairs as well as providing College of Business students with business cards.

The dean of the day was Matt Loayza from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The College of Business, represented by Dean Flannery, was honored at the meeting for being the first College to have all of their professors register their textbooks in the University this semester. The Student Government has been making an effort to encourage professors across campus to register their textbooks earlier, even if they will not be requiring one for their course.

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