Opinion: The Senate will not impeach Trump and here’s why

Michael McShane
News Editor

The United States Senate is now in the process of a back and forth battle between Republicans and Democrats over the fate of current President Donald Trump and whether his actions concerning Ukraine are impeachable, personally whether they are or not doesn’t matter as there is no chance the Senate will impeach.

I say that not just because the Republicans control the Senate, although that is a major reason, but rather the consensus is that the American public is split on whether Trump should be impeached.

That, to me, is what damages the Democrats chances of getting enough votes to impeach. In the Senate, Democrats have a longshot to get any Republican support in impeaching Trump. Trump still remains popular among Republicans, especially Trump’s core base, which may never change no matter what the President does.

With a split public opinion on impeachment, even the most moderate Republicans will fear backlash from their Trump-supporting constituents who will no doubt make their next election difficult if not impossible.

Trump knows this and no doubt will use this as leverage to control his party in ending this impeachment fight no matter how tough Chuck Schumer’s Senate Democrats fight.

Impartiality has been a word that has been thrown around a lot in the past couple of days and while many high-profile Republicans such as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who have thrown out the possibility of impartiality.

Congressional Democrats should be smart enough to know that these two Republicans aren’t the only ones who will not be impartial in their role as juror. Democrats have no chance to get the required votes to impeach the President, no matter what Senate Republicans say about wanting to see as much information as possible, they will vote how McConnell wants them to vote.

If and when Donald Trump is acquitted by the Senate, he and his supporters will see this as a victory against the Democrats – that will for sure happen if acquittal occurs. What is unknown and what should be keeping Democrats awake at night, is how 2020 election essential independents view acquittal as the overall result of months of impeachment chaos.

Header photo: House impeachment manager Rep. Jason Crow, D-Colo., pauses as he speaks during the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump in the Senate at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. (Senate Television via AP)

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