Men and women’s basketball takes on Eagles and Beavers

Jenna Peterson
Staff Writer

After a weekend of tough losses, the Minnesota State Mavericks men’s and women’s basketball teams are looking to change up their game plans in order to prepare for their upcoming games. 

Both teams will be hosting Minnesota Crookston and Bemidji State in the Taylor Center on Friday and Saturday.

The men’s Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles basketball team has been struggling this season, with a conference record of 5-11, compared to the Mavericks who hold a 9-7 record. Looking at the game record between the two teams, the Mavericks hold the upper hand, taking nine of the past 10 games, with the one loss being within five points. If the Mavericks can work hard on defense and control things on offense, they should have no trouble taking another win.

On Saturday, the Mavericks will take on the Beavers, who are also struggling this season with a conference record of 6-10. Once again, the Mavericks have had the upper hand when it comes to the history between the two teams, with Minnesota State taking seven of the past 10 games. 

The women’s team is also looking to make a comeback this weekend when they play against the Golden Eagles and the Beavers. Much like the men’s team, the Golden Eagles aren’t having a great season, with a conference record of 3-13, compared to the Mavericks who hold an 8-8 record. Looking at the history between the two teams, the Mavericks have won seven of the past 10 games. With work on their defense and keeping their head in the game, MSU has a chance of taking another win.

The Beavers are also having a difficult season, which is seen in their conference record of 4-12. With this, the Mavericks have won nine of the 10 most recent games, giving them a confidence boost going into this weekend. With determination and focus, the Mavericks have a chance of coming out victorious.

Header photo: Minnesota State guard Malik Willingham (2) dribbles the ball against Wayne State at the Taylor Center Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 in Mankato, Minn. (Mansoor Ahmad/MSU Reporter)

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