Study Abroad Fair hosted not-so-far away in CSU

Kieran Kuehn
Staff Writer

Minnesota State University, Mankato hosted its latest study abroad fair, aptly named the Study Abroad and Far Away Fair Tuesday morning.

This fair consisted of programs and organizations from across the nation, representing a global scale of opportunities. Students have the opportunity to visit countries around the world. Students may explore all around the globe for a reasonable fee and plenty of opportunities for financial support.

The fair was a long running event, totaling in four hours of informative and quality discussion with representatives from both local and national organizations. Students entering the Centennial Student Union and walking down the main stretch outside of Mav Ave would be greeted by a display of flags from across the globe, table lined with pamphlets, treats, and cultural artifacts, and a variety of banners and posters describing key upcoming trips that students can become involved in.

Students have the option to travel regardless of their respective majors or minors. Many trips are multipurpose and can be tailored if necessary. Biological discoveries in Central America can be tweaked to help provide students with cultural experience from that region. A legal study of the parliamentary system in London can be edited if students need to fulfill some sort of language task. Simply put the possibilities are endless.

However, faculty who looked to promote a trip where present. The University of Minnesota and the University of St. Cloud both had representatives promoting the possibilities that their respective institutions have to offer. Additionally, several private institutions were also involved, catalogs full of potential trips. Such representatives where not only knowledgeable about the opportunities they were promoting, but some had experiences overseas themselves, one member happening to have visited over 40 countries personally.

But one question remains for many students. How can they fund their trip, and what can they do to get said funds? On that issue, the MNSU Financial Services office and the MNSU Center for Education Abroad and Away have the answers. Both have offices across the college campus, Financial Services being at the Campus Hub and the Center for Education Abroad and Away being in the basement of Morris Hall 002. Both are more than willing to help financially advise and look for resources for students, including but not limited to potential scholarships and FAFSA.

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