University Greek organizations fill risk management board seat

Hellen Akinyi
Staff Writer

The Risk Management Round Table is held every spring semester for both the fraternities and sororities chapters.

The Greek lifestyle they normally hold the elections for new board members every end of fall semester. 

By the beginning of spring there is a new board member in charge under the risk management position for the chapter. 

So, it is the role of the risk management board to organize the round table and fill in the new board members about the rules.

One of the key rules that every member of any chapter needs to know is they should not post alcohol. 

Also, they represent the chapter wherever they are and they should always carry themselves around knowing that.

Taylor McNulty, a freshman who is part of Alpha Sigma Alpha, is now the vice president of the risk management round table under the sororities while Zane Coyle the vice president as well, but on the fraternity side. 

“We make sure the chapters know about the forms they have to fill depending with the type of events they are planning,” McNulty said.

The forms are called MOCK forms and they try to update them as often as they can so they always align with their rules and regulations.

Some events may require a form to be filled five business days before while others just need a 48-hour notice before.

The main bylaws that determine the form to be filled are, wet events which include alcohol, dry events with risk which may be like skiing and lastly being dry events without risks.

“The chapters need to know what form to fill in before any event,” McNulty said. “The form includes basics things like who the events is with, what type of event it is and so on.” 

Apart from the bylaws that require a form, the chapters also need to fill one before any ritual planned. 

The forms are only needed if the ritual is being planned off campus because the ones that take place on campus really don’t a form.

Despite McNulty just being in her second semester, she talked about how being in a sorority helped her as a person and also allowed her to form bonds thanks to leadership position she has. “I love my sorority and I’ve met incredible people who helped me get the position,” McNulty said.

She added saying how she feels so free calling any girl from any of the other sororities a sister since that’s what the chapters are all about. Sisterhood. “With my position, I am just happy being able to help the new board members get to know and adjust to the rules,” McNulty said.

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