International students remind University to “Remember Me Too”

Max Mayleben
Media Editor

While many students at Minnesota State University, Mankato were able to return home and spend this uncertain time of unemployment and online schooling with family, international students are in a different, and more difficult situation.

There are currently 1,266 international students that attend MNSU, making up roughly 9% of the student population. Many of these students have lost their jobs and are lacking financial support from families due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These students are finding difficulty paying for food, rent, and University fees among other bills. On top of that, many are not able to return home due to travel bans, and those who can, risk not being able to come back to continue their education.

Members of the Remember Me Too movement aim to support those international students that may be forgotten in this time of dire job insecurity and uncertainty.

Advocates for the Remember Me Too movement have been speaking with politicians in order to raise awareness for these international students. The group discussed various topics federal government support, job creation, and public transportation with 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s team.

Dolly Baruah, advocate for the Rememeber Me Too Movement, said, “It is important for the decision makers to give time to listen to the student needs first rather than making assumptions on what they need”.

The Remember Me Too Movement also points international students in the right direction for assistance as well. Resources available for these students include the Campus Cupboard to get free groceries and hygienic items, on-campus health services, free attorney service on campus and more.

The Remember Me Too Movenemt encourages those who are able to help by donating food items to the Campus Cupboard for those in need. The Campus Cupboard is located at Crossroads Campus near the Performing Arts building.

The Remember Me Too Movement also has a petition to lobby the university to help those students in need. That petition and more information about the Remember Me Too Movement is on their social media.

One thought on “International students remind University to “Remember Me Too”

  • May 21, 2020 at 9:07 pm

    I am a US Navy Gulf war veteran living in Cambodia but stuck in Vietnam due to Covid border closures. I have have travelled 77 countries, shot over a half million quality photos around the world, ten thousand photos typically on this particular trip visiting the famous ancient Malayo Hindu Cham towers of what has become an impoverished matriarchal Muslim culture in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    The thought of going back to school–a dorm room sans meal plan at MSU would cost around six hundred dollars a month. I pay 130 dollars a month for an air con apartment in Seam Reap, Cambodia and can learn all the Chemistry and Astronomy I want from Youtube lectures.

    I recently spent one week at Cho Ray Hospital in Saigon where I lost a toe in a motorcycle accident. My Australian trsined surgeon and his students were excellent. The cost for everything: $500.00.

    Good ridden to my toe. I am now an honorary Cambodian amputee.


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