Students experience a new type of dorm life

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Living in the dorms is arguably one of the best things about freshman year. Having a sense of freedom, meeting new people, and exploring a new life adds to the thrill of it all. While this year looks different for all students, those in the dorms are trying to live as normally as possible.

Numerous precautions have been put in place in Minnesota State University residence halls to ensure a healthy and safe environment for students. But even with these precautions, many students have stated dorm life doesn’t seem much different than before.

Kenzie, a junior at MNSU, says she is happy with the new rules in place to protect everyone and the ways in which Residential Life is resolving issues. 

The biggest changes come from each floor’s lounge and kitchen areas. Students can reserve the lounge up to once a week for an extended amount of time while being able to reserve the kitchen three times a week for 20 minutes each. 

“These time limits have been difficult for those with restricting meal plans, but I know Resident Life is already trying to come up with new ways to fix the problem,” Kenzie said. “I’m glad they’re trying to make resolutions instead of leaving us on our own.”

Sophomores Hailey and Katie compared living in the dorms from last year to now, and both said it seems as if there are fewer activities for all students to enjoy on campus. This can be difficult when trying to socialize, but they said they both understand the importance of everyone’s health and safety. 

“I’ve been struggling to balance my class schedule and my work schedule because I’m still getting used to having both in-person and online classes,” Haley said. “This is probably my only problem with classes, but as the semester goes on I know I’ll get used to it.”

Freshman Colin Clabo says he’s been pleased with the housing situation so far. Moving into the dorms was easier than he thought it would be, due to the volunteers and drop-off option earlier this month. 

Clabo said that, while socializing and meeting new people is difficult, the RAs are constantly putting on events and activities in a safe manner. He said he appreciates that.

“I’ve always struggled a bit when it came to socializing, as many people do, but I appreciate the work all of the RAs are putting in to make sure our freshman year is as memorable as possible.”

Clabo also said he likes having the flexibility of both in-person and online classes. 

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