Opinion: TikTok users increasingly taking sides

Jenna Peterson ® News Editor |

TikTok, one of most influential and more controversial apps out there, uses different communities to serve the best content to each user on the app. This is done through hashtags, liked videos and videos that users interact with the most. The top two sides of this creative app are Straight and Alt/Elite TikTok, with the latter having numerous sides branching off from this.

What exactly are Straight and Alt TikTok? The first is where new dance challenges, popular trends, and top creators, such as Charli D’amelio and Zach King, are well known. Some of the dances consist of the “renegade,” the “Say So” dance, and the “savage dance,” among many others. On this side, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot taking place, and in all honesty seems pretty happy. 

On the other hand, Alt TikTok is known for having more crazy and bizarre content. This side holds many different branches, including, but not limited to, Prison TikTok, Beans TikTok, and Deep TikTok. The Alt side of the app also makes fun of those who are on the opposing side because of their lack of creativity and for being unoriginal.

Although some people would oppose this, I am personally on the Alt side of TikTok. Since I’ve been on the app for over a year (I know, I have a problem), I have been to numerous different sides. All of the sides I’ve been on consists of prison, bean, frog, retail, roller skating, “The Hunger Games,” “New Girl,” Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy TikTok. 

Recently, my whole ‘For You Page’ has been filled with Harry Potter-themed videos and ones that romanticize Draco Malfoy, one of the ‘villain’ characters in the Harry Potter series. This has re-sparked my obsession with the books and movies, and the same thing happened with “The Hunger Games” series when video creators would compare the United States to the book and movie franchise with how social injustices are being handled.

One of the bigger sides of the app that causes controversy, especially with President Donald Trump, is the political side of TikTok. Here, people share information and raise awareness about what is happening in the country when it comes to politics. 

Following the killing of George Floyd, it seemed as if the whole app was consumed with this tragedy and ever since then there has been conversation about Black Lives Matter. People would make videos to spread knowledge of protests, any policies being put in place, and any changes to cases brought to light.

While Trump has announced a number of times about the app being banned, it seems as if it’s here to stay.

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