Student group endorses DFL candidates including Dan Feehan

Colin Hanke ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Mansoor Ahmad ® Photo Editor |

Election Day is just around the corner and Democrats are trying to ensure that progressive candidates are elected into office this year. 

To aid in their efforts, many students are involved with a group called Indivisible, a political organization that works with the Blue Earth County DFL to endorse democratic candidates and advocate for political change. Indivisible has branches across the country.

Margarita Ruiz, a Minnesota State University, Mankato third-year sociology major and Indivisible volunteer, said, “In Mankato, we are doing a lot of phone banking, text banking, putting out lawn signs and making sure that people know what candidates stand for. Obviously, the hope is that we get as many democratic candidates in office, especially Dan Feehan.” 

Rep. Jim Hagedorn, who currently represents Minnesota’s First Congressional District, reportedly refused to talk to some Democrats last year. According to news reports, Hagedorn banned a group, presumably Democratic supporters from coming into his office when they expressed concerns about his policies. 

Ruiz says she is passionate about getting progressive candidates into office and has worked on voter registration at MNSU. She wants to support candidates who advocate for marginalized communities.  

Democrats are typically the ones who strive to lower the cost of a college education, who are going to work toward addressing climate change, lobby for raising taxes on billionaires, support reproductive rights and funding of Planned Parenthood, support undocumented immigrants and support same-sex marriage.  

 Ruiz also added, “We are mainly just concerned about making sure that people can vote safely during this time. Making sure that people are aware that they can vote in person, early, by mail, or even on Election Day.” 

Ruiz stressed the importance of voting, especially among college students because, for many of them, this is the first time they’re able to vote and use their voice. 

Header photo: 1st Congressional District DFL candidate Dan Feehan walks with the crowd during the Mankato Pride Parade Sept. 12, 2020 in Mankato, Minn. (Mansoor Ahmad/The Reporter)

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