Maverick Bullpen: Sanitized and Ready to Serve

Sydney Berggren ® Staff Writer |
Photo by Muhammad Ibrahim ® Staff Photographer |

It’s not exactly “game over” for the Maverick Bullpen. But the once-bustling hub for students looking to kill some time between classes by bowling a shooting pool is looking more like a ghost town.

Why? Simple: COVID-19.

Like everything else in America and on campus, the Maverick Bullpen has seen a decline in students using the entertainment facility.

Still, staff have to sanitize everything just the same.  

“We have to sanitize everything every single time, whenever the students come in. it doesn’t matter how many there are,” said Bullpen employee Sieni Haq. 

Haq said she couldn’t compare business before and after COVID, as this is her first semester working there. She employees sanitize and disinfect every station and every game to make sure everyone is safe.  

“(Students) have to wear their masks unless they are eating or having a drink,” Haq added. Employees must enforce the mask policy. 

One might think the Maverick Bullpen would have decrease staffing business being slow, but everyone has maintained their position, and there have even been some new hires.  The Maverick Bullpen has added hand sanitizing stations throughout the area. 

Ryan Wilson said the added work to maintain safety standards hasn’t been a burden.

“Not really. I mean, there is nothing to do since we are so slow compared to last semester, so whenever a few students come in, it takes a few minutes to clean up and sanitize everything.”  

Wilson also discussed how he doesn’t mind all the cleaning because at least they are still open and keeping everyone safe despite everything that is going on. 

The workers are hoping for business to pick up, but they really are not sure if that will be possible as weeks go by. 

The Bullpen is located in the basement of the CSU and they are open for business 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday-Friday, and noon-11:30 p.m. Saturdays and 1-10 p.m. Sundays.  

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