Maverick Spotlight: Quarterback JD Ekowa

De’Vontre Bradley ® Staff Writer |

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Mavericks football team is cherishing the time it still has with team leader and senior JD Ekowa. Ekowa has given his all in the last four years playing for MSU. It has been a long journey and he looks forward to moving on with all the special memories he will take with him.  

Ekowa is from Plainfield, Illinois, and before college he has never been to Minnesota. Luckly, the “Minnesota nice” saying was something he was able to experience throughout his college years. 

According to Ekowa, coming to MSU for his football career and education is one of the best decisions he has made. “I had a wonderful experience. The people I have met, the people who have guided me, being nationally recognized, being with my teammates, it all has been incredibly special,” he stated.

The people in the community are what he likes the most, especially on campus. “The people, the faculty, the staff, the coaches, how people communicate here is what I like the most. You cannot get people like that everywhere,” he commented.

Ekowa has had remarkable success over the years playing for MSU. For the past two seasons he has been named to the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference All-Academic Team/Team of Excellence. According to him, one highlight of his athletic career was going to the national championship last season. “It was a new experience for me. National coverage made it much more special.” 

Ekowa has received high praise from some of his current teammates. Senior Ty’Shonan Brooks says, “JD is a vocal leader for our team. A great person for the younger guys to look up to. He is always happy with a smile.” 

To add onto this, senior Hunter Toppel says, “As far as JD is as a teammate, I’d say he’s the perfect one. He’s a guy that’s always working hard and setting an example.”

Though Ekowa is graduating soon, he still has a long journey ahead as he plans to head to graduate school. He says, “I want to be a doctor, I’ve always wanted to be in the position to help people.”

With the pressures from both school and football, Ekowa notes that it has not been easy at all. “A lot of things inspire me. People around me, parents, friends, teammates, myself all have inspired me to do better.”  

Ekowa plans to take all of what he has experienced and learned here at MSU and apply it to his everyday life.

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