New Business Spotlight: TGK Automotive Changing the Game with In-Depth Digital Inspections

Technology plays a unique and innovative role at TGK Automotive, a new auto service in North Mankato, with digital inspections being how this local business runs a full “health check” on their vehicles. 

Digital Inspection provides a special way for customers at TGK Automotive to understand what the problem is with your vehicle, what needs to be done to fix it, and why that problem is important to fix.

“The biggest thing for us here at TGK Automotive is trust, I want our customers to be able to trust us. That’s why we have no commission rates and these in-depth digital inspections and also reliable services. My hope is for every single customer that walks in knows our priorities and we build that trust with them. I came from a more corporate world and couldn’t stand it. TGK Automotive feels more like a hometown auto repair shop, there’s great people here and more of a community,” stated TGK Automotive owner Matt Sultze.

Starting with the health check, TGK Automotive investigates where and what the problem is with the customer’s vehicle. After they identify the problem they take pictures and videos of the vehicle with an iPad. Those images or videos then are sent to the customer through email or text.

 The digital inspection also provides pictures of your salesman and technician, as well as sends further recommendations and links to videos informing the customer about what their vehicle might need in the future, what that part of the vehicle does, and describes why it is important.

TGK Automotive does everything you’d expect an automotive repair shop would, anywhere from oil changes, to tire rotations, transmission rebuilds, and the list goes on. 

TGK Automotive not only does automotive repairs, but they also help out in the community. 

“We are very community involved, we try our best to help out wherever we can, whether it be supporting food drives, donating, school supplies drives, or sponsor programs,” commented Sultze.

A lifetime warranty is also offered at TGK, meaning if a part they put into your vehicle fails, TGK will replace it efficiently and at no cost to you. This opposes other car repair shops that usually only offer a two or three year warranty. 

TGK Automotive as a whole has 17 store locations throughout the state of Minnesota. 

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