Her Campus: Written for and by Women

Her Campus is an empowering online magazine that supports and shares the voice of women while connecting them with lifestyle content, culture, beauty & food, and entertainment. 

Focused on women, this online magazine was intended to fill the media market that is one-hundred percent dedicated to women in college.

Her Campus has created a community that inspires and celebrates the stories of a diverse group of women while also providing a safe and collaborative environment. 

The stories shared can range anywhere from advice for applying to future jobs, skincare routines, pop culture, and promoting body positivity. 

This online magazine has an abundance of self-motivation and girl boss oriented articles that consists of trending topics and subjects. 

“Her Campus, to me, is a platform where I can use my voice on the things that matter. I can write about whatever I please. It also has helped me make new friends with people who have similar interests as me,” Paige Brademeyer, writer and marketing director for Her Campus MNSU stated.

“I like to give real world advice from what I’ve learned so far in life. I also want my readers to know that I don’t have everything together and that that’s okay. I just want my readers to relate to what I am going through so they know they’re not alone,” Brademeyer continued. 

The microsites run by the network has over 360 chapters across 11 countries and is currently ranked the number-one media site for college women written entirely by college journalists.

Impacting females from all walks of life, Her Campus comes from sincere and genuine intentions to uplift females, not to mention the passion that goes into each article. 

“I think it’s so important to have women oriented stories about these topics because it gives other women a perspective they can relate to and trust,” Angie Paredes, freshman at MNSU said.

“As a woman, I trust another woman’s opinion rather than a mans when it comes to things like lifestyle and empowerment,” Paredes continued. 

Her Campus has made an outreach to social media platforms such as Instagram while also encouraging women to vote in this year’s 2020 election.

 Getting involved is easy. The process consists of following and direct messaging @HerCampusMNSU on Instagram or by filling out an online application form on their website along with a twenty-dollar payment per semester. 

You can also support Her Campus by simply reading and sharing the weekly articles.

Header photo courtesy of MNSU’s Her Campus Chapter.

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