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Destiny Kempf ® Staff Writer |

In recent years, podcasts, digital audio files, have gained popularity, as there are a large variety of topics that are discussed through this medium. Even though podcasts are typically free and are available on numerous streaming services, Minnesota State University, Mankato students themselves do not seem to be as interested in this form of media.

Many students stated how they would rather listen to music or watch specific TV shows or movies on various streaming services. Other students claimed that their lack of listening to podcasts was due to “just not having time” as they are trying to focus on studying and their schoolwork. 

Despite this, MNSU Mankato itself has many podcast series of its own that caters to many different students. 

In August 2019, MNSU faculty member David Engen and Century College faculty member Robert Jersak created the 12-episode podcast “Finding Your Place” for incoming, first-generation and first-year college students. This podcast focuses on the challenging issues of the college experience and aims to make the transition to college much easier for students.

Because of the online transition for classes beginning in April of this year, Students Raj Manadhar and Sherwin Bothello created their podcast titled, “CyberAware Podcast”. 

With ten episodes already created, this podcast focuses on informing others about cybersecurity tips they should follow and recent news in a fun, engaging way. Students and anyone else interested can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube.

The University radio station, KMSU, airs “FFFoxy Podcast” every night from 11pm to 1am. The FFFoxy Podcast discusses a wide range of underground and experimental music with regular artist interviews, label profiles, in-studio guests, and live performances.  

MNSU’s Diversity and Inclusion team has put together a podcast called “Maverick Inclusion Dial”. Here, they explore diversity through the lens of students, faculty and staff, alumni, and special guests. To stay up-to-date on everything, the podcast comes out with weekly episodes.

To assist families with the changes made to orientation during this time of COVID-19, the University created a podcast called, “Minnesota State Family Orientation Podcast”. This is a 14-episode podcast focused on guiding families through what to expect on their student’s journey through college. 

Many University staff have also been featured in specific episodes of podcasts. This includes Interim Director of Latinx Affairs, Sara Aguilar, appearing on the podcast Starting to Feel Better. Furthermore, Minnesota State students Louisa Hall and Ellie Teigs and instructors Dr. Karla Lassonde and Dr. Emily Stark are from the Communicating Psychological Science Course. They appear on the podcast, PsychSessions: Conversations about Teaching N’ Stuff. 

It’s always worth giving something new a try, and podcasts are fairly easy to give a shot. With discussions about murder mysteries, advice, comedy, and politics, it’s almost impossible to not find a podcast you would love. Listening to these while working out, driving in the car, or even cleaning the house are perfect times to give podcasts a try.

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