WOW Getting Students Spooky For Halloween

Amanda Filreis ® Staff Writer |

This week, the dorm’s WOW events are sure to get everyone in the spooky Halloween spirit, even though there’s snow on the ground. With the power of event choices being in the hands of the Community Advisors in the dorms, there is a lot of creativity that goes behind each event. 

“We always try to choose something the students want,” said Preska CA and MNSU student Sarah Shogren. “It’s a great opportunity for the students to have fun.” Commented MSU student Emily Longtin. 

As for the WOW events this week, both the McElroy and Preska dorms are doing Trick or Treating for the students. There’s a slight difference in formatting depending on what the preference is. 

Sometimes the Community Advisors go to the different rooms in the dorms, knock on the door, and leave candy for the residences. There would be signs on the doors of the rooms to let them know who wants to participate and who doesn’t. 

Other times the students would go to the front office or common area to get the candy. In McElroy’s case, they’re doing the former choice. 

As for Preska, they are doing even more than the Trick or Treating event. There’s also going to be a CA Costume Contest. 

These advisors will dress up in spooky or even comical costumes and the students will then vote on which one is the best. In addition, there are going to be games provided for the students to participate in. 

Julia Sears and Stadium Heights dorms are allowing their residents to participate in the Crawford WOW event this week.

The Crawford WOW this week is an annual tradition they have hosted throughout the years, which is the Crawford Haunted Trail. To stay in the Halloween spirit, the only things necessary for entry are masks, closed toed shoes and a ticket. All the tickets are free online or on the Q Code on the posters they have posted. 

In the past, this haunted event was hosted indoors in the Crawford Basement, which is rumored to really be haunted, but this year will take place behind lot 1 on the MSU Fitness Trail by the volleyball fields to follow the COVID-19 regulations. 

While Halloween itself isn’t necessarily for everyone, the WOW events overall are very well received by those who live there. 

“It’s a lot of fun to be with people. It’s a great atmosphere with music always playing,” commented MSU student Emily Russo, who likes to regularly attend WOW events.

Adding onto this, MNSU student Avery Tamm stated, “I like going to the WOW’s. They’re fun and I like how they’re never really the same.”

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