Spooky Story: “Halloween Night”

The sirens fill the empty street of old downtown, the sound of leaking pipes and honking of cars are heard in the distance. The warmth of the burning tin trash cans light up the side walks like lights on a Christmas tree, sitting on the cold, damp ground with only a shopping cart of their belongings hovering over a frail old woman. 

Century old cookie cutter houses line the outskirts of the city as they start to fill with tons of teenagers seeking a good time. Footsteps linger in the distance on the cold October night. The night everyone looks forward to. 

The glow of the city lights shine over the kids and teenagers all dressed up in an assortment of imposters and characters as they roam the urban streets. Listening to the latest pop music and putting on a whole mask of makeup and doing their hair they start to get ready. Rushing to put on their color coordinated costumes the girls take tons of selfies to post on their Instagrams. 

“Hey, hurry up Emily!” Jada shouted at the bottom of the staircase. 

“Calm down, I’m coming!” Emily shouted back as she rushed down the stairs while stumbling in her bunny costume as she took the last sip of her drink. 

Feeling good, the group of girls head down the elevator and out the door into the city night excited to attend the Halloween party. 

Arriving fashionably late they hear the thumping of music from the outside of the house. Feeling the bass in your chest as if you were at a live concert the music roared as it echoed down the streets. 

The small group of girls head into the house party, a house filled with all types of partying college kids and adults. Dimly lit, they make their rounds to choose the best spot to dance and socialize. Shoulder to shoulder they link hands making sure not to lose each other while elbowing their way through the crowd.

Looking back behind her, Jada then realizes Emily was no longer in the chain of hands. Assuming she left with a guy or got caught up in the bathroom the girls party on, not worrying about Emily. 

Vibing to the music they carry on the night they took many videos of bad singing, and even more selfies that flooded Snapchat stories of them laughing and dancing. As the night starts to wind down and the buzz starts to wear off they start to begin to worry about Emily.

The lights shut off, seeing nothing but pitch black a panic sets in as the glow of iPhone camera lights fill the musty and heated room. Rushing to the door the crowd starts to push and shove to escape the small wooden floored house.

A crowd starts to form outside of the house. Screams and weeps growing louder and louder, Jada and the rest of the girls go outside to see what has happened. 

Lying there in a pool of blood on the cold damp concrete was Emily. On her body was a noted saying…“Happy Halloween – Love B”

Header photo courtesy of Flickr.

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