Campus Security Stays on Top of ‘Halloweekend’ Shenanigans

Halloweekend has now ended and Minnesota State University, Mankato’s security team has been quite busy this weekend giving out citations across all four campus residence buildings, the parking lots, and the Stadium Heights community. 

In total, twelve citations were given regarding liquor with underage consumption and underage possession of alcohol being the two reasons for these citations, according to the University’s crime log.

The places where these incidents took place were Julia A. Sears residence hall, Preska hall , McElroy Center E Hall, Crawford Center, Stadium Heights Community, Parking lot 14, and Parking lot 16.

Controlled substances & paraphernalia were also reported over Halloween weekend. Parking lot 14 is where both of these citations were given with possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia. 

Disorderly conduct involving public urination also took place October 30 in parking lot 11A. 

Communications inappropriate/criminal occurrences categorized as threatening occurring in Crawford Center on October 31.

Despite these slight interruptions, the majority of students at MNSU had fun dressing up and connecting with friends.

“I was Boots from Dora the Explorer, and me and my friends all hung out,” Shelby Zoller, freshman at MNSU stated.

While some people dressed up and went out with friends, other students opted for a more relaxed night and spent it at home.

“I didn’t do much on Halloween, I watched Hocus Pocus with my friends and slept because I had to work at Kwik Trip the next day,” Autumn Forcelle, a junior at MNSU said.

MNSU’s Student Health Services were also handing out cups of candy and tips to avoid the Sunday scaries. The cup included information on how to drink responsibly if one were to consume alcohol. 

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