Election Day: A Guide to Track the Results

As the 2020 election rapidly approaches, citizen interest is at an all-time high.  

Whether it be constantly checking news outlets, scrolling through social media or tracking online polls, people are keeping up with what is arguably the most anticipated and polarized presidential race ever. 

Almost every media platform has made it easy for everyone to stay up to date. Major networks and broadcast news channels such as CBS, ABC, Fox News, CNN, NBC and MSNBC will be following the election and covering it live throughout Election Day and into the early hours of Nov. 4.  

CBS News will also be livestreaming the election on YouTube and other services, including Roku, Amazon, and Pluto. 

According to CBS News, “The CBS News Decision Desk will make projections and characterize races throughout the night. … By Election Day, the CBS News Battleground Tracker will have surveyed 100,000 people from all 50 states, and the Decision Desk will show viewers how all the contests are trending.”   

Other major news outlets are offering similar coverage. 

ABC News will be accessible to watch for Election Day streaming through most platforms, including the ABC News mobile app, YouTube, Roku, Hulu and Amazon. 

According to ABC News, “The primetime coverage will also include ABC News’ team of political reporters and analysts. … Several other ABC News journalists, including ‘Nightline’ anchors Byron Pitts and Juju Chang, will provide live updates from battleground states.” 

With major broadcast news channels giving live updates throughout the night, including coverage from battleground states, followers of the election will be given real time data in regards to the Presidential race. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will also be a viable source for following live updates on Election Day. 

Despite all of the ways to keep up with the election, the final results may not be available on election night.  

Due to the increase of mail-in ballots this year amidst COVID-19, the process of counting all of the ballots has been lengthened.  

However, states have different rules about how and when mail-in ballots are accounted for so some states will report results sooner than others.  

By the end of the night, there should be a near-final result of who the winner is, even if the count of all ballots is not complete and final results won’t be announced until later in the week. 

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