Maverick Spotlight: Reggie Lutz

For the Minnesota State University, Mankato hockey forward Reggie Lutz, when it’s not about the puck on the ice, it’s about the people. 

“The people that the team has brought in have been awesome. There are some lifelong friends that I’ve made here,” Lutz said. 

Lutz is a senior majoring in sport management with a minor in marketing and his eyes on a national championship. It wouldn’t be possible without his start in hockey in Elk River, Minnesota.  

“I fell in love with hockey in Elk River as soon as I started skating,” he said. “I was very fortunate to grow up in Elk River and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” 

It wouldn’t be the same playing hockey in Elk River without his Maverick teammate and lifelong friend Jake Jaremko. The two forwards have been on about every team together since they started playing youth hockey. In fact, there are only four years they did not play on the same team between then and now.  

Lutz would not be the same person without the people who surround him. Whether it’s his teammates, classmates, fans or friends, he is always thankful for the people in his life.  

“My favorite thing about campus is the people I’ve met. The opportunity to meet new people and expand that way is great,” Lutz said. 

When he’s on the ice, his teammates and he are all after the same thing, a national championship.  

“One thing we haven’t done yet here is win a national tournament game, so that’s something we as a senior class and a team as a whole want to leave behind. We want to make some noise at a national tournament.”  

This goal isn’t just for himself, but for everyone that follows his footsteps when he leaves.  

“Coach Hastings always preaches about leaving it better when you leave than when you got here, so that’s something that I’ve been thinking about for the past four years.”

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